Over 30 Years of Community Growth

In 1984, Stavro’s Pizza House IV was opened by Harry and Constantine Ioannidis. More than 30 years later, we proudly serve our Ormond Beach neighbors from the same location as day one. There is a reason we are ranked second on TripAdvisor: We make the best pizza around.

Over the past 33 years, we have shared many happy memories with visitors and locals alike. In that time, we have grown as a company and as a community. We are looking forward to continued growth with our friends and neighbors for many years to come.

Come join our family and grow with us.

Harry: The Man Behind House IV

Harry Ioannidis has been making pizza since he was 14 years old. He learned his trade from his uncle.

When Harry was just 15 years old, he emigrated to the US from Greece. Here, he hit the ground running, working at his Uncle Johnny’s pizzeria in Daytona. It was there where he developed his skills as a pizza maker and a businessman. Harry also acquired an unquenchable desire to provide his community with delicious food and good times.

His favorite part of being an independent pizzeria owner is knowing he is doing something that pleases people.